ITS Canada 2021

Join our 2021 Virtual Conference

Engage with 350+ ITS professionals – people from the public sector, private sector, and academia in Canada’s largest ITS focused conference. With “Zoom fatigue” being a frequently uttered phrase, we wanted to have a different sort of conference – a conference that’s not just endless presentations. Instead of simply duplicating all the elements of a physical conference, we’ve completely reworked this conference to make it engaging and worthwhile. Our core mission is bringing people together to have real conversations, and real discussions, not just endless presentations. Get ready to join us in a different and innovative virtual conference, and help us to talk about challenges and innovation in a changing world.

Mark your calendars NOW for the second impactful, engaging, and memorable ITS Canada event in 2021:

  • 2021 ITS Canada Virtual Winter Conference Nov 29-30


How to Participate

We look forward to having you join us virtually in November 2021.


Conference News

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